18 - 20 May 2016 in Prague

The website of last year conference can be found on 2015.czechtest.com


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Parasoft researches and develops software solutions that help organizations deliver defect-free software efficiently. To combat the risk of software failure while accelerating the SDLC, Parasoft offers a Development Testing Platform and Continuous Testing Platform. Parasoft's enterprise and embedded development solutions are the industry's most comprehensive—including static analysis, unit testing, requirements traceability, coverage analysis, API testing, dev/test environment management, service virtualization and more. The majority of Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft in order to produce top-quality software consistently and efficiently as they pursue agile, lean, DevOps, compliance, and safety-critical development initiatives.


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Principal Engineering is a leading business IT consulting company based in Prague, EU. We provide reliable and cost-effective products and services to local and global customers in the areas of finance, telecommunications, government, utilities, industry and services. We are building specialized teams with powerful leaders and extensive know-how. We have a vision, passion and motivation to be among the best.


tesena is a young and dynamic company with the goal of bringing innovative software testing services and products to the marketplace that enable our clients to deliver their projects on time, on budget and at the required level of quality. The foundation for these products and services is based on our extensive practical experience on major projects backed by solid theoretical knowledge and a passion for software testing.


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Butteland started its activity in 2005. Since the beginning, we focus on providing consultation and technological services in the following areas: quality assurance, SW applications testing and business processes consultations. Besides, the complex outsourcing services have gradually become an important part of our portfolio.


Ness Technologies – IT services and system integration consulting and delivery all over CEE. We are at it for over 20 years, working for biggest clients in finance, telco, utilities, manufacturing and even government. Agile where needed while inherently stable. Testing, isn’t it?



We represent the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) as a Member Board in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Most of the members of Czech and Slovak Testing Board (CaSTB) are involved in many activities of ISTQB® through ISTQB® Working Groups.

We promote testing as a profession through implementation of accreditation of training providers and certification of testing professionals according to the ISTQB® regulations in Czech and Slovak Republics, accessible to all in their native languages.


For the last 21 years, we at CN Group have developed high quality, outsourced software for customers in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. Additionally we offer extensive QA management, testing and training services. Today we employ over 210+ people in our production centres in Prague (CZ), Bratislava (SK) and Zlín (CZ). Our customers are leading businesses in the EU, in domains as varied as Finance, Embedded, Media & Publishing, Security and Transport/Logistics.


Etnetera a.s. develops and runs innovative technological projects in area of tailored development of web and mobile applications. Etnetera a.s. is a member of Etnetera Group.

We are working in liberal and open environment without ties and process manuals. We inspire bz flexible companies principles, where the profit is transparently shared, teams define their own rules and management does not have any standard benefits. Our team likes doing sports together and we support each other. We kick for one team, so it is not just a coincide that we had 3 top places at competition Best Employers ČR. The results of this survey are based on own employees' opinions and their motivation.


Partner conferences

The Hungarian Testing Board (HTB) is pleased to announce its sixth annual international conference (Budapest, 24-25 October 2016). HUSTEF is one of the premier conferences for specialists in the Central European region in all areas related to software testing. HUSTEF seeks to meet challenges by bringing together practitioners and researchers providing an ideal forum where industry and academia can present their latest approaches for ensuring the quality of today’s complex software systems. The topics cover a wide range of software testing areas like test management, life-cycle related approaches, test design, test automation, static and dynamic testing, exploratory testing, mobile testing, cloud testing, etc.


The South East European Testing Board, together with Quality House and ANIS are the organizers of South East European Software Testing Conference (SEETEST 2016) that will take place in Bucharest, Romania on September 15 and 16. The South East European Software Testing Conference (SEETEST) is an event in the area of software testing and software quality management.


Supporting Organizations


Czechitas aim is to educate and inspire girls and women in IT and build the community of girls with interest in IT. Czechitas believes that girls have their place in men´s IT world. More information here: http://www.czechitas.cz/. 



The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V., a non-profit organization, has joined forces with the vision to create an international and professional basis for RE, in order to give this discipline the importance and the orientation that corresponds to its added value for the industry.

IREB e.V. is the provider of the CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) certification scheme.  The board was created in 2006 by leading RE representatives from science, research, industry and consulting, and it is today a worldwide renowned body of experts for the individual certification of professionals in Requirements Engineering.

In their effort to establish the CPRE certification scheme internationally, IREB is highly successful. Today, more than 23,000 professionals have obtained the CPRE Foundation Level certificate in 60 countries.

For more information about IREB, their activities and the certification model, see www.ireb.org.


[pro]Test! We are a group of testing professionals who are constantly trying to improve in the field that we love.

We see a great potential to develop the testing profession in the Czech and Slovak Republics, we believe that we are capable of supporting this development and that we can bring together people who are interested in testing. There are many passionate and experienced testers in the Czech economy who are interested in testing. Unfortunately too commonly they are working for many years in a closed environment, developing very specific skills and knowledge within their working environment. They, therefore, are missing the opportunuty to benefit from the experience of others.

Our goal is to create an environment where we can share our experiences and skills. You can find us at http://pro-test.info.


[pro]Test! MORAVA establishes a platform for sharing experiences. [pro]Test! MORAVA units senior professionals in the area of Testing and Quality Assurance and SW Engineering, operates primarily in Brno (Olomouc, Zlín and Ostrava in near future). Its mission is to build a community for the unsung heroes of software development and closely cooperate with [pro]Test! communities in Prague and Bratislava, Czech and Slovak Testing Board and PMI CZ. In 2015, [pro]Test! MORAVA initiated the Test Crunch 2015 conference - historically the first QA and testing festival in South Moravian Region (http://www.testcrunch.cz).


SJSI - Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych

Polish Testing Board is the biggest non-profit organization in Poland building public awareness about software quality. The society was founded in 2003 as a community body for IT professionals. With more than 300 follower in social medias, more than 300 participants on its conferences each year and many other non-formal meetings is able to reach the majority of Polish IT professionals active in the field of software quality and testing. Most known and recognized initiatives are Testwarez and TestingCup. The society also supports Quale quartered issued magazine. See: www.sjsi.org


testerzy.pl Our mission is to share our knowledge and make testers' work as respected as of any other IT team member.


Being the most professional portal for software testers on Polish market, we provide readers with:

  • news from all around the testing world,
  • job offers,
  • free knowledge,
  • free tools.


Testwarez is a space created for you to boost knowledge sharing and launch discussions around challenges and trends in software testing.
Various expertise levels among speakers and conference attendees - ranging from highly skilled veterans through practitioners and theorists to enthusiastic beginners filling either management or engineering positions - allow for a unique opportunity of constructive and productive debates.
Conference formula fosters free dialogue during speeches, lectures, discussions panels as well as behind the scenes. This year participants can count on new solutions that support interaction and integration. See: 


The club of professional software testers “Test’RS Club”was founded in year 2015. It is the first non-profit organization in Serbia that gathers all professionals with interest in quality control and software testing in one community.

The main objectives of the Test’RS Club are improvement of vocational, scientific and educational activities in the field of information technology, with an emphasis on the quality control of software products; exchange of knowledge and experience between community members and the community as a whole with other professional associations and communities at the national and international levels; continuous education of the wider community in the field of information technology, with focus on the software quality control.


Victo.eu offers truly interdisciplinary expertise and will support you with quality assurance, business analysis, requirements engineering, testing, agile framework, process improvement, service management, UX, BPM, project management and with people issues. We provide standard or bespoke training courses (with or without certification), consultancy, mentoring, direct project involvement, audits and coaching.